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1330 Broadway, a downtown Oakland office tower.
(TMG Partners)
1330 Broadway, a downtown Oakland office tower.

OAKLAND — Twitter has scrapped plans to open a downtown Oakland office and will slash its footprint in San Francisco and several other cities, as well as completely exit other places, the social media giant said Wednesday.

In 2021, Twitter sketched out plans to lease a large chunk of office space in downtown Oakland, saying at the time that the East Bay location would be a model for the company’s emerging hybrid workplace model.

Now, Twitter is outlining space cutbacks in at least a dozen locations, including San Francisco and the East Bay.

“We will also no longer move forward with plans to open an office in Oakland,” a Twitter spokesperson said Wednesday in comments emailed to this news organization.

The microblogging network is still operating a recently opened office in San Jose, however.

Twitter had previously agreed to lease 66,000 square feet at 1330 Broadway in downtown Oakland.

The downtown Oakland office would have been large enough to accommodate 330 Twitter workers.

“We are evaluating our global office portfolio and re-sizing certain locations based on utilization,” the Twitter spokesperson said. “We’ve proven we can operate our business successfully with a distributed workforce over the years, and remain committed to our employees, our customers, and the markets we serve.”

The company is evaluating a reduction in its office spaces in 13 cities and is grouping the decisions into a pair of broad categories.

Some offices might be closed completely, the company said.

“Offices we’re reviewing to close at the time of lease expiration or offer an alternative workspace include Seoul, Wellington, Osaka, Madrid, Hamburg, Sydney and Utrecht,” the Twitter spokesperson stated.

Other locations would continue to have a Twitter presence but are likely to see a reduction in office space within those cities, according to the company.

“Offices we’re looking to maintain but re-size our footprint include Tokyo, Mumbai, New Delhi, Dublin, New York, and San Francisco,” the Twitter spokesperson said.

The move to reduce Twitter’s building footprints won’t result in layoffs in and of itself, the company stated.

“These decisions do not impact our current headcount or employee roles,” the Twitter spokesperson said. “We’ll continue to support and regularly meet with our customers to help them launch something new and connect with what’s happening on Twitter.”

Despite the office space cutbacks, the retrenchment doesn’t extend to Twitter’s recently opened office at Santana Row in San Jose. Twitter’s Santana Row office space totals 30,00 square feet.

“We continue to operate our San Jose office,” a Twitter spokesperson said. “We opened this office to employees in March.”

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