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Watch live: Santa Clara County public health officials discuss monkeypox outbreak

Officials will discuss local data, vaccine plans and the current status of monkeypox response and partnerships in the county


The County of Santa Clara will discuss monkeypox updates, including the local data, vaccine plans and the current status of monkeypox response and partnerships in the county.

The virus continues to spread in the Bay Area.

According to a report by Gabriel Greschler, “Across six Bay Area counties there are now a total of 320 cases, a majority of which are in San Francisco, with 215. Alameda is reporting 56, Santa Clara County 39 and San Mateo, Marin and Contra Costa counties are still in the low single digits. California, with 356 cases, has the second highest total in the country behind New York.”

Greschler also talked to Arthur Reingold, “chair of UC Berkeley’s Epidemiology Division at the School of Public Health, about what risk monkeypox poses to the general public, what symptoms to watch out for and what to consider when it comes to a vaccine.

Reingold told this news organization that risks of contracting the virus “depends to a certain extent on your behaviors and whom you spend time with. At the moment, the virus seems to be spreading largely among men who have sex with men.” He also said that monkeypox spreads “through physical contact, which might include sexual contact. It might also include non-sexual contact. Researchers don’t believe the virus is spread to any great extent through the air.”

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